What is the distance between street light pole?

Dimensions and Spacing

Space light fixtures to provide uniform distribution and illumination of roadways and sidewalks. Consider the locations of obstruction such as trees or billboards.

Height. Standard poles for sidewalks and bike facilities are 4.5–6 m. Light poles for roadbeds vary according to the street typology and land use. In most contexts, standard heights for narrow streets in residential, commercial, and historical contexts are between 8–10 m. Taller poles between 10 m and 12 m are appropriate for wider streets in commercial or industrial areas.

Spacing. The spacing between two light poles should be roughly 2.5–3 times the height of the pole. Shorter light poles should be installed at closer intervals. The density, speed of travel, and the type of light source along a corridor will also determine the ideal height and spacing.

Light Cone. The light cone has roughly the same diameter as the height of the fixture from the ground. The height will therefore determine the maximum suggested distance between two light poles to avoid dark areas.

Credit : https://globaldesigningcities.org

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