How tall are street lights?

How tall are street lights?
The height of a street light tends to vary from what kind of area, type of street, type of fixture, owner, and lighting conditions. Street light poles are typically 8 to 50 feet (2.4 – 15.2 m) tall. Street poles taller than 50 feet (15.2 m) are considered a high-mast.
Who maintains street lights?
Some cities and suburbs maintain their own streetlights through their department of transportation, and pay for the energy they consume. Often utilities are the owners of the streetlights and charge the town or city a monthly rate that includes the street light, maintenance, and total energy use.
When were street lights invented?
Electric street lights were first implemented in Paris in 1878. By 1890, more than 130,000 electric street lights were installed in the United States. These first versions of the modern street lights offered harsh lighting, and did not last a very long time. They were later replaced with incandescent street lights.

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