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Thaisolid Co., Ltd., is a manufacturing factory that produces high standards traffic safety equipment.

Thaisolid Co., Ltd. is an all-around traffic safety equipment manufacturer and distributor such as Lighting Pole, High Mast Pole, Guardrail, Thermoplastic Paint, Traffic Paint, Traffic Sign, Traffic Markings, Traffic Signals, etc. who committed to develop each project for public and private organizations in all area of Thailand. 


Through the years, Thaisolid  Co., Ltd. has contributed all our resources in product development under the SOLID trademark to be outstanding in product attributes, durability, safety and all the way to selecting the high-quality materials for our clients. We are fully aware that each of our products is full of quality and can be highly beneficial to the society in the future.

  Technology & Facilities

At the area of more than 25,000 sq. m. owned by Thaisolid Co., Ltd., is a manufacturing factory that produces high standards traffic safety equipment. Inside the factory is filled with traffic equipment manufacturing machines and innovations, which are supervised by engineers and a team of specialists who work together in producing and improving the even better high-quality products for the society.


Thai Solid Co., Ltd. specializes in warehouse management. We set up a concise operation system that helps notify accurate inventory quantities, enabling users to distribute products effectively. We’re also experts of storing products in suitable conditions to maintain its finest quality.

  Standard & Certificate.. 

Thaisolid Co., Ltd. is determined to provide high quality products and professional services through the high quality of corporate management which certified us with many international standards from global leading organizations.

We are determined to constantly improve our potential, developing a manufacturing base and using high quality machinery to produce high quality products that ensure safety in commuting and enhance Thailand’s traffic safety to the international level.